Westpro Ltd. and International Economic Services combine to form one of the smallest, yet most active international tax consulting practices in the world.  With less than 30 full time employees, we support over 1,500 individual clients based in 33 countries around the world.

        Westpro Ltd. was founded in 1979 and has grown every year.  That growth is directly attributable to the way we deliver the personalized professional service that gives our clients confidence and comfort in the tax return process.  Unlike most other international tax consultants we use only experienced. U.S. accredited tax professionals to prepare U.S. income tax returns for expatriates, to answer tax planning questions and to help our clients make decisions.  We ease the paperwork while keeping the client in control of their own tax return and tax position.

        International Economic Services ("IES") was formed in 1951 in Tokyo Japan to provide hands on accounting and tax support to corporate and individual clients doing business in Japan and selected countries in Asia.  IES is a full service accounting and tax practice which provides everything from corporate and individual Japanese income tax return preparation to payroll processing, general accounting and corporate reporting for branches and affiliates of U.S. and European companies.